special waste

This service is provided to health care facilities, industries, construction sites and other special waste generators. We also provide customized services for special clients with special requirements. Sufficient time is required before service delivery for proper waste audit, logistics arrangement and other regulatory requirements. We provide this type of service in Kigali and outside Kigali.

For more details about: Special waste handling, Special waste service Terms and Conditions, FAQ…. Please go to customer support.

As part of our new Smart Home, Smart village and Smart city program, we offer the following home-based services:

  1. Gardening
  • Design and planting for new gardens
  • Improvement and maintenance of existing gardens
  • Botanical garden
  1. Pest Control
  • Complete service: inside and outside for residences.
  • Partial service: Inside or outside
  • Rat control (deratisation): For warehouses and food stores
  1. Cleaning
  • General cleaning of floors, walls and windows,…
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning