Municipal Waste Management initiative

We have established a Unique Business Model with a customized subscription-based door-to-door, Corner to Corner and Site to Site waste collection system appropriate for residential and commercial areas;

We have developed and now implementing an Integrated Waste Management System that will engage residents of Kigali to sort waste from the source for the benefit of knowledge enhancement to the waste generator, job creation to the; waste handlers and global environment conservation;

We have developed a Systematic Payments Collection System integrated with ICT for efficient service fee collection;

We designed and developed a Demo Site (on a small scale) that will serve as Recycling Promotion Center with a plan to duplicate the idea in the whole country and on large scale;

We gave our strong inputs to the Waste Sector Regulator and the Bureau of Standards during the regulation and standardization of the sector.

We are developing and building a value chain in waste industry whereby a win-win situation will be the driving force;

Plastic Waste Recycling Initiatives

  • Waste management : Professional Plastic Waste bags for waste before collection

  • Construction : Sheeting for under tiles roof covering

  • Agriculture : Tubing for baby plants of trees and flowers in nurseries while other sheets/bags for different application for agri-farmers are also produced under the License from REMA